Born in 1992, I've been gaming and hands-on with technology since I physically could. I remember playing games like Gus goes to Cybertown for PC, and Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle for NES (remember writing down those codes?!). Since I was very young my dad would take electronics apart and show me different components and what purposes they served. As I grew up I continued down these paths; getting into competitive gaming and landing a job as a low voltage technician in 2011. I was introduced to the behind-the-scenes world of information transmission as well as the planning and building of infrastructure. I've done work for countless companies including Fortune 10 companies, as well as local and national government agencies. I received my two year Associates of Arts while working full time, but due to the importance of my income have benched plans of building it into a four year degree. In May of 2015 my dad passed away and I was forced to reevaluate what my life's goals are. I've decided that I am no longer content with being a low voltage technician, and turned down a Fortune 10 companies offer to further cement myself into this career. My vision is to create a space with an inviting atmosphere so gamers like myself can have a place to connect and socialize, and ultimately help those who have slowly lost real world interaction.