Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Does Left Click Lounge have an age requirement?

A:  You must be 14+ or comfortable playing PC to use our PC section, the rest of Left Click Lounge is all ages.

Q:  What's included in a Day Pass?

A:  A Day Pass includes access to Left Click Lounge with reentry, a reserved PC seat, and complimentary water.

Q:  Do I need to pay if I'm not playing games?

A:  Yes, to be in Left Click Lounge you must pay.

Q:  Do you sell food or drinks?

A:  We currently only offer complimentary water, but will offer food and drinks in the future.

Q:  Can I bring in food and drinks?

A:  Drinks are allowed anywhere in the lounge.  Food is allowed in the lounge excluding the PC section.

Q:  Can I reserve a seat for myself or my group ahead of time?

A:  Yes!  Head over to our [Reservations page] for more info.

Q:  Do you host tournaments/What's the best way to keep up to date?

A:  Yes!  Check our [Instagram], [Twitter], or [Newsletter] for the latest updates!

Q:  How frequently do you clean the PC stations?

A:  We thoroughly wipe our PC stations (Mouse, Keyboard, Headset, Mouse Pad, Table) after every person, and our controllers daily.  We also offer complimentary Purellâ„¢ wipes at our front desk.

Q:  Can I request a specific tournament/stream to be put on one of the TVs?

A:  Yes!  Let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate everyone!

Q:  Can I install my own games or programs on the computers?

A:  In order to ensure a smooth experience for everyone at Left Click Lounge, we currently do not allow the addition of games or programs.

Q:  Can I suggest a game or program be added to Left Click Lounge?

A:  Yes!  Head over to our [Contact page] and let us know your thoughts!