Fortnite: Survive the Poison Pit

Fortnite: Survive the Poison Pit

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All Ages

Date: Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

When: Doors open 2pm, Tournament begins 5pm. (All entrants get a full lounge Day Pass)

Where: Left Click Lounge

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3 Bus Drops each round (Normal Solo Mode)

1 point per kill

After each round (3 bus drops) the 2 players with the lowest points fall into the Poisoness Pit.

Each round, players in the Poisoness Pit gain 1 Poison (-1 point).

All points except for Poison Points reset each round.

All points (Including Poison) are reset for the finals.

Players in the Poisoness Pit still participate each round.

If a player in the Poisoness Pit places top 3 in a round, they bump the lowest scoring player into the Poisoness Pit and escape the pit.

A maximum of 2 players can escape the Poisoness Pit each round.

Finals: After the 7th round, the 'Poisoness Pit' seals up, points are reset, and the last survivors drop 3 times, whoever has the most points is the winner.

In the event of a tie, the player with the shortest average play time from the round wins.

All players will use Left Click Lounge's equipment (Cherry Red Keyboards, Ambidextrous Mice, HyperX Headsets).

We also allow Xbox One & PS4 controllers on our computers (Everyone will be dropping PC solo mode).

Stretched Resolution is allowed.



$16 Venue Fee (If registering online) (Includes Day Pass)

$15 Venue Fee (If registering in person) (Includes Day Pass)


$5 Cash Pool (In person only)



1st - 60%

2nd - 40%